TEFLIN Journal, Vol 10, No 1 (1999)

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The Role of Needs Analysis in English for Specific Purposes

Gusti Astika


This article discusses the role of needs analysis in ESP. Teaching ESP should not be considered as a different kind of teaching the language but rather as an approach as it is also based on the commonly held belief of teaching language for communicative purposes. The problems that ESP teachers have are similar to those of teachers of English for general purposes although there are a some additional problems that may lie beyond methods and pedagogy especially those related to non-linguistic matters. Students' needs are discussed from different angles and the theoritical basis of needs analysis is derived from the ideas of communicative competence proposed by Hymes (1972) and Canale and Swain (1980). Different approaches to needs analysis and its importance are also discussed. Finally, a model of framework for needs analysis as a basis for syllabus design is presented.

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